Church Signs 2

There are many lit­tle churches in the area. Some of them post the most fun signs.
What makes a sign fun? To me it is a sign that allows me to smile and then has me think­ing.
Near Mon­key Run a church this week has posted:

The Bible Works
Best when OPEN

What fol­lows are more fun signs.
Some we are using in Lake­view AR

Free Trip to Heaven
Details Inside

Jesus Believes in You.

Don’t give up
Moses was once
a bas­ket case

Life is Frag­ile
Han­dle with Prayer

God’s Delays are
Not God’s denials

Do the Math
Count your Blessings

Beware of the High cost
Of Low Living

Vis­i­tors Wel­come
Mem­bers expected

The Per­fect Church
For Peo­ple Who Aren’t

Unlock the Mys­ter­ies of God.
Jesus is the key.

He who kneels Before God
can stand Before anyone

Read the Bible
It will scare the Hell out of you

No one under­stands like Jesus

Hatred is NOT a fam­ily value

Who would Jesus bomb?

Jesus did not heal for profit

God Bless All Nations

… and what dif­fer­ence do YOU make?

Lord help me to be
the per­son my dog thinks I am.

God is too big to
fit into one religion

We are Spir­i­tual beings
hav­ing a Phys­i­cal experience

I’m for Sep­a­ra­tion of Church and Hate

The future belongs to those who give the
next gen­er­a­tion rea­son for hope.

Sor­row looks back
Worry looks around
Faith looks up

Patience is trust­ing in God’s Timing

Feed Your Faith and Your Doubts
will starve to Death.

I am saved by Grace,
But for a Pur­pose…
To Do Good Works

Psalms Read Here

You may be in the Driver’s Seat
But God Holds the Map

Faith is a Jour­ney
Not a Destination

Jesus: power to break life con­trol­ling problems

Eter­nal Life Insur­ance
FREE! Sun­days 10 am
Are you in Good Hands.

God loves you
And I’m try­ing
Come to Church

God Bless the Whole World
No Exceptions

Jesus: God’s Interface

Jesus was a Com­mu­nity Organizer

Write your sor­rows in sand
and your Bless­ings In Stone

Love is our Soul Purpose

The best way to get even is to for­give and forget

Wal-​Mart is not the only sav­ing place
Go to Church

True Reli­gion is the life we lead,
not the creed we profess

The Winds of Grace are always Blow­ing:
But you have to raise the sail.

God may meet you today
Where you least expect Him.

Don’t miss life’s best. Find God.

Only with Jesus can you reach your full potential.

Sun­sets … a Gift from God.

We Don’t Judge You
But God Knows

Free Cof­fee
Ever­last­ing Life
Mem­ber­ship has its privileges

God so loved the world
that he did NOT send a committee

Try Jesus”
If You Don’t like Him,
The Devil will take you back.

Our Church is Like fudge.
Sweet with a few nuts

Sun­day Wor­ship 10 am
Happy Hour Here
Every Sunday

Does life stink?
We have a Pew for you!

The best wire­less Connection

Pre­vent Truth Decay
Brush up on Your Bible

Stop, Drop and Roll
Does Not Work in Hell

There are some Ques­tions
That can’t be answered by Google

Prayer Wire­less Access to God
with no roam­ing fee

YOU are the rea­son
Jesus came

Two Great Truths
1. There is a God
2. You are not HIM

The most pow­er­ful Posi­tion
is on Your Knees

Expo­sure to the SON
May Pre­vent Burning

Stay­ing in Bed
Shout­ing, Oh God!
Does not con­sti­tute Going to Church

God is like
All State
Your in Good Hands with HIM

© 2010, By His Grace Church. All rights reserved.

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